Lottery - A Silo Saga Story

An Amazon Kindle World's book

Lottery is a 17k word novella taking place in Hugh Howey's World of Wool.

In the world of the silo, falling in love comes with its own set of rules. As young Tabitha and Justin begin their lives together, they know what they can and cannot do.

Then the impossible happens and Tabitha finds out she is with child. With no lottery ticket to redeem, the consequences for pregnancy are harsh: to maintain a balance, every addition requires a subtraction.

From the Down Deep to the Up Top, there is nowhere to hide. It won't be long before the truth comes out and her husband is sent outside and put to cleaning. There is just one way to save his life--but to save him, Tabitha will have to do the unspeakable.

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Tabitha Sheels stood near the top of the silo’s spiral staircase, her toes perched over the cold metal, as she contemplated her decision. A tear needled the corner of her eye and she quickly swiped at it, cursing it under her breath. Now wasn’t the time to be weak. It wasn’t the time to have second thoughts. Images of her husband came into her mind. Images of him being forced to leave the silo, forced to clean—forced to die. There was only one way to save her husband’s life, but to do that, she’d have to do the unspeakable: she’d have to lose their baby.

Looking down at the perilous fall that awaited her, she inched her toes forward, hanging them further over the edge of the stairs. The cold metal beneath her feet had warmed from her touch, chasing away the chill that shook her when she’d first left the cafeteria. The landing was full of sounds falling around her: rowdy children, people talking, plates and dinnerware clanking, and the barely distinguishable tone of her husband’s voice, directing the staff working for him.

Tonight’s dinner service had been a particularly busy one with Justin preparing one of the silo’s favorites: a baked noodle dish with sauce and cheese. At some point the favored meal had turned into a kind of Silo Family Night. Mothers and fathers had brought their children from as far away as an hour’s climb. Tabitha thought of the dinner and how the cafeteria had bustled with frantic parents and eager children, all waiting to get seated and to begin eating. She thought of how proud Justin had been to have so many come from up below the Mids, and a few from even lower.

Justin had held a special plate for her; he always held a special something for her when she visited him in the cafeteria. She loved that he did that. But tonight she’d only picked at her meal, turning the noodles over with her fork, pushing them from one side of her plate to the other. Her body told her to eat; it screamed at her to eat. After all, she was eating for two. Instead, she’d found herself glancing around and watching the silo’s moms and dads feed on child-rearing stories as children wet their faces with handfuls of sauce and noodles. While the irony of her predicament played out in front of her, she saw none of it.