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Emily wakes to find that her world has plummeted into darkness--the clouds have spilled out of the sky and taken the sun. 

And there is more to the mysterious fog--the mist is poison, killing everything in its path. Emily's home is no match for the caustic fog, and her family is suddenly on the run for safety. 

But when Emily learns that the machines built to save the world could be the cause of the accident, she turns to her father, Phil Stark, the original architect, hoping they can stop the environmental catastrophe..

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Centuries ago something catastrophic happened. Historians claim it was an accident that spilled the clouds out of the sky, leaving humanity under a relentless and caustic veil. 

For young Declan and Sammi, all they've ever known is a world of gray. Now, at odds about the past and uncertain of their future, they're of age, and it's time to build their lives together.

And for a world shrouded in the mysterious fog, the promise to fix a centuries-old accident brings new hope that they might one day see and feel the warmth of the sun on their faces.  But questions begin to surface.

Questions of whether there ever was an accident. Questions asking what really happened that changed the Earth and what will happen if their world once again sits under the sun.

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There is more to blindness than the absence of sight. Book 3 continues the Caustic series, exploring why the clouds fell and why what you see isn't always what it seems.

For Declan, that truth began as a painful journey to uncover the mysteries of the machines responsible for plunging their world into darkness. 
For Sammi, the machines have become her salvation, challenging the same truths Declan seeks, trying to reveal what is real. 
For Ms. Gilly and Richard, their chance encounter with an ancient artifact causes them to risk their lives while trying to find answers to questions they may wish they'd never asked. 
For Isla, her journey began more than a hundred years ago, eclipsing her own death, awakening deep inside one of the machines. She discovers an unexpected history and why death for some opened the wrong doors.

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For centuries, Phil Stark has been the keeper of the machine that changed the world--a lighthouse keeper--guilt-ridden, impossibly alone and losing his mind, the machine is his penance for what he’d done. 

When Phil meets Isla, he finds a kinship that he didn't think could be possible. And when he crosses paths with Sammi and Declan, he believes that his life, and the fate of the world, might change forever. 

Reveal is the final book in the Caustic Series. In this installment, Declan and Sammi find his father and Ms. Gilly, and together they team up with an unlikely partner in one final attempt to rescue the sunlight and bring it back to their world.

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